What can we do this moment?

My name is Chi, I was born in Yamagata(Tohoku) Japan and now living in Berlin Germany. So many my friends in Japan are in very difficult situation this moment.Please help me to Cheer-Japan-up! Just send me short message with nice cheer up picture. maybe your smile, your family, your pet, just flower, beautiful landscape... just think about what makes you happy. < 1000overchaos@mail.goo.ne.jp > is my email address. I will translate to Japanese and upload your message. Many my japanese friends got some energy from this website. Please don't let them alone.
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こどもスマイル/Smiley Kids



68hours after Earthpuake, just 4months baby girl was saved from rubble
in Ishinomaki Miyagi, one of the biggest Disaster.
This news makes gave such a big hope and courage to the people all over the world.
We still hear about horrible news about disaster and horrible life for people in the shelter.
It is true that the situation is still in the dark and difficult to find the end...
But just only for this saved one baby's life and Children who become leaders in the future,
don't give up for any hope and do something as much as possible...
For example, support, help, donate.
I hope that we can make bright japanese future, even I'm far away from Japan, in germany.

and many peaceful smiley kids!!!

伊央梨(いおり)ちゃん 14か月 愛知県
Iori 14months from Aichi

瑞葵(みずき)君 6か月 静岡県静岡市
Mizuki 6months from Shizuoka

ますみちゃん 4歳 東京都
Masumi 4years from Tokyo

あおば 2歳10ヶ月 埼玉県
Aoba 2years and 10months from Saitama 

 なみちゃん 横浜市
 Nami from Yokohama

 俊太君 10ヶ月 千葉県
Shunta 10months from Chiba

ゆきはる君6歳 あきはる君3歳 千葉県
Yukiharu 6years, Akiharu 3years from Chiba

心音(ここね)ちゃん 8ヶ月 山形県 &トノ
Kokone 8months from Yamagata with Tono

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