What can we do this moment?

My name is Chi, I was born in Yamagata(Tohoku) Japan and now living in Berlin Germany. So many my friends in Japan are in very difficult situation this moment.Please help me to Cheer-Japan-up! Just send me short message with nice cheer up picture. maybe your smile, your family, your pet, just flower, beautiful landscape... just think about what makes you happy. < 1000overchaos@mail.goo.ne.jp > is my email address. I will translate to Japanese and upload your message. Many my japanese friends got some energy from this website. Please don't let them alone.
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ベルリンより ~BartさんとNephelieちゃん~

"Wir schicken euch viel Kraft, Liebe und Sonnenschein in dieser schwierigen Zeit.
Wir werden auch in euer Landkommen und freuen uns
darauf wenn wir euch und eure Kultur kennenlernen duerfen.
Alles Liebe von Nephelie und Bart"

We send you a lot of Power, Love and Sunshine from Germany in this difficult time.
We will come to visit your country as well
and we are very much looking forward to get to know you and your culture.
Very much Love from Bart and Nephelie



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