What can we do this moment?

My name is Chi, I was born in Yamagata(Tohoku) Japan and now living in Berlin Germany. So many my friends in Japan are in very difficult situation this moment.Please help me to Cheer-Japan-up! Just send me short message with nice cheer up picture. maybe your smile, your family, your pet, just flower, beautiful landscape... just think about what makes you happy. < 1000overchaos@mail.goo.ne.jp > is my email address. I will translate to Japanese and upload your message. Many my japanese friends got some energy from this website. Please don't let them alone.
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ドイツより ~Sabrina Tschuschkeさん~

My heart lies already for some years firmly embodied in Japan.
I even never was there, but I discovered the love from the distance.
It hurts, if I see the pictures on the television,
do it to pain if I on my pictures at the wall see
and see a Japanese large city of full humans.
My sympathy, my mourning and my heart for all the dying.
The survivor give I mean courage and my hope.


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